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Mind, Body and Breath.

The main form of yoga I teach is a mindfulness based Hatha Yoga, with its roots in Sivananda and Integral Hatha Yoga.

It is a slow, gentle yet powerful practice, focusing on the breath and meditation through movement.

The practice of yoga gives us the opportunity to reconnect with our deepest selves. Who we are in our truest form, beyond the constructs and conditionings of the mind.

Yoga gives us the chance to witness ourselves just as we are, in that moment, in that breath, from a place of non judgment.

The physical yoga practice is the felt experience of the mind / body  connection, it is a moving meditation.

 The postures (asanas) are only one element of yoga.

True yoga is a life science and integrated health system , that involves diet, rest, breath , meditation and movement.


Open to all levels, my classes follow a similar format every week, finishing with a deep relaxation and meditation to the sound of Tibetan singing bowls..

You can however expect a different sequence each class, as I adapt the flow of postures to Nature's seasonal cycle.

Check my classes at various locations across Sussex.

Yoga can help

  • Become more present 

  • Reconnect body and mind

  • Turn inward & give space for stillness

  • Be with our Self in its truest form

  • Detox and release negative emotions trapped in our body 

What people say


I have a ‘monkey mind’,

more often than not busy thinking of this and that, finding it hard to just be. I tried mindfulness and meditation, but I was struggling with just sitting and focus on the present.

Then I started going to Victoria’s Mindful Hatha Yoga classes.

Even only once a week, Victoria’s classes are a precious moment where time stops, relentless thinking is paused.

And my body is regaining the flexibility of its younger years!


Vic is one of those rare souls that you feel instantly comfortable and supported by when in their company.

She has been my yoga teacher for a long while now and I love her way of teaching, bringing the mind, body and spirit together.

She also does regular massage treatments for me, which really help a number of my chronic illnesses and she is very careful not to over-stress my already stressed system!

Basically she's just fab and I wouldn't see anyone else.


I have done yoga classes for years. Having one to one yoga with Vic  and learning the postures at my own pace was like learning them properly for the first time.

There is a big difference between 'doing' a posture and being helped to 'find ' your way into feeling it.

I am now much more confident in my yoga practice and get so much more out of it having had some individual sessions.

Vic is an excellent practitioner.

She is very skilful in adapting an individual practice to suit my needs.

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