About Victoria

I can help you


  • Restore balance between body and mind

  • Reconnect with your Self

  • Release unwanted habits or thoughts

  • Bring about a change in lifestyle 

  • Get rid of addictions and unpleasant symptoms 

My Story


A warm welcome to you! My name is Victoria Cooper.

I am passionate about helping make a difference to people's lives through yoga, mindfulness & meditation, hypnotherapy, massage and holistic therapies.

When we learn to let go of our pain, be it physical or emotional, we can become more grounded and present.

Allowing more space and freedom to enjoy life more  and to its fullest potential.

When we reconnect with our creative self, we can dream and create a positive future for ourselves, our loved ones, and ultimately the world.  

That's why I was drawn to bring all my work under "Moksha therapies'. 'Moksha' comes from an old word in Sanskrit and when someone has reached that state, they have found freedom, peace and bliss. 

I have been honing my skills for over 20 years now, at various clinics and retreat centres across Sussex, as well as nursing homes, hospitals and hospices.

I was drawn to yoga, meditation and reiki when I was about 18. At that time I was training as a massage therapist, but my life was in chaos. Yoga, meditation and healing helped me find the strength to change what I needed to change, and dream up a new way of being me.

Hypnotherapy, learning to journey and work with the mind have been vital tools, and is something I love to offer and share to help re-establish a healthy balance and connection between body and mind.

I hold diplomas and advanced level diplomas from the Metta school of Thai massage, Unity Yoga and Partner Yoga, as well as Vayu aerial yoga. I am a member of the Hypnotherapy Association.

I look forward to meeting you soon!