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About Victoria

I can help you


  • Restore balance between body and mind

  • Reconnect with your Self

  • Release unwanted habits or thoughts

  • Bring about a change in lifestyle 

  • Get rid of addictions and unpleasant symptoms 

My Story


A warm welcome to you!  My name is Victoria Cooper.

I am passionate about helping make a difference to people's lives through yoga, breath work, meditation, sound healing, hypnotherapy, somatic body work and wellness coaching.

I have been practising and honing my skills for over 25 years, it is my life's work and I love what I do!

Over the years I have worked and collaborated with various renowned therapist, clinics and retreat centres across the UK and Europe.

I have also led regular sessions in nursing homes, hospitals and hospices as part of what I do is supporting people with end of life care.

I was drawn to yoga, meditation and reiki when I was about 18. At that time I was training as a massage therapist. 

I feel very lucky that I learned these life skills so early on in life. They have helped me find the strength to change what I needed to change, they help me navigate through life's challenges and difficult times, and help me to dream and develop a new way of being me each day.

That's why I was drawn to bring all my work under "Moksha therapies'. 'Moksha' comes from an ancient word in Sanskrit and when someone has reached the state of moksha, they have found freedom, peace and bliss.

I am certainly not claiming to be there !

But these practices definitely help me along the way and give me little glimpses of it.

I look forward to sharing what has helped me with you!


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